Rainbow Swirl Glass Paperweight

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Rainbow Swirl Glass Paperweight

RAINBOW SWIRL OF OF COLORS WITH TWO DOLPHINS ON TOP. Glass Globe, Glow In The Dark, Rainbow of colors. Red, Yellow, Lime Green, & Cobalt Blue  The crystals or the white crumbs you see in the globe are phosphorus. When phosphorus is exposed to the light during the day, it will glow at night for an hour or more depending on how bright the day has been.The phosphorus goes from the bottom to the top 

The measurements are approximately 3.5 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 12 inches around.  it will be one exact same color and style. Each piece is hand blown glass so it will be slightly different  If you wish to see the exact piece you will receiving, please email me.  Consider purchasing a LED light base from the home page , It will light up the entire piece and make it look different colors.